John J. (Jimmy) Duncan, Jr. Judge, Criminal Court (Former) (6th District - Knox County),
U. S. Representative (Ret.) TN District 2
Brenda Waggoner Judge, General Sessions (Ret.) (Knox County)
Sharon Bell Chancellor (Ret.) (6th District - Knox County)
Janice Brown Judge, General Sessions (Ret.) (Knox County)
Eugene Eblen Judge, Criminal Court (Ret.) (9th District - Roane County)
Andy Evans Judge, General Sessions (Ret.) (Knox County)
Bob R. McGee Judge, Criminal Court (Ret.) (6th District - Knox County)
Steve Bebb Judge, Criminal Court (Ret.) (10th District - McMinn County)
Gail Jarvis Judge, General Sessions (Ret.) (Knox County)
Cissy Chapman Magistrate (Ret.) (Loudon County)
Harold Stewart Knox County Magistrate (Retired)
Members of the Bar  
Doug Trant Attorney at Law
Julia Trant Attorney at Law
Randall Reagan Attorney at Law
Benjamin David Stallard Attorney at Law
J. Sterling Walsh Attorney at Law
David Buuck Law Director
Eric M Counts Attorney at Law
Wm. Paul Phillips District Attorney (Ret.) (TN 8th District)
Cathy Quist Shanks Attorney at Law, Former Circuit Court Clerk
Elected Officials  
David Wright State Rep., 19th District
Richie Beeler County Commissioner, 8th District
Sherry Witt Knox County Clerk
Michelle Carringer State Rep., 16th District
Carson Dailey County Commissioner, 9th District
Charlie Bussler County Commissioner, 7th District
Community Leaders  
Harry Brooks Former State Rep 19th District
Joy McCroskey Former Criminal Court Clerk
Gerald Turner Former GOP Chairman
Phyllis Severence Former GOP Chairwoman
Charlie Severance Former State Rep., 16th District
Vivian and Jack Slaughter  
Ray Meade  
Buddy Burkhart Former GOP Chairman
Bo Pierce  
Mark Cawood Former County Commissioner, 6th District
Tylena Miller  
Beth Flickinger White
Michael Covington  
Scott Moore Former County Commission Chairman
Bruce Williams  
Lillian Williams  
Jay E. Jenkins, Sr.  
Jay E. Jenkins, Jr  
Roger Kane Former State Rep., 89th District
Mike Ragsdale Former Mayor, Knox County
Mike Arms Former County Commissioner 5th District
Mike Gordon  
Phil Ballard Former Property Assessor, Former County Commissioner, 8th District
Aaron Margulies Chairman, Republican Jewish Coalition
Joe Bailey  
Herman Meredith  
Sandy Loy  
Richard & Lillian Bean  
Anita and Ralph Ed Bailey  
Bob Thomas  
Jane Chedester  
Ed Brantley  
Todd Cook  
D.J. Corchoran KFD Spokesman
Kevin Faddis KFD Union
Ted Hatfield  
Carla Hatfield  
Kirk Huddleston  
Tim Wheeler  
Glenda Strader  


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